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At Novam Estates Marbella, we believe in the power of a compelling narrative to sell your property. Success in real estate begins with thorough preparation. Trust us to guide you through every step of selling your villa, townhouse, penthouse, apartment, or land in Marbella and the Costa del Sol.

Preparing for Sale

Before you embark on your property-selling journey, meticulous preparation is essential. We’ll work closely with you to gather crucial information about your unique property and formulate a strategy for a successful sale.

Required documentation, including legal confirmations, title deeds, utility contracts, tax receipts, and energy performance certificates, will be meticulously reviewed or obtained with our assistance.

Assess the property’s financial status, future repair needs, purchase history, and any renovations you’ve undertaken. Once you have all the necessary information, our agents will help you determine the right asking price.

Photos & Marketing

Capturing your property’s essence through professional photos and videos is paramount for effective marketing. Our expert guidance and home staging techniques will ensure your property shines. Whether it’s a luxury villa or a practical townhouse, staging transforms your property to attract potential buyers.

After crafting compelling marketing materials, we employ a strategic marketing plan to reach a broad audience. Your property will be featured on our high-traffic website, shared on our social media and listed on external platforms.

Property Viewings

First impressions are vital in property viewings in Marbella. Our experienced agents arrive fully prepared, armed with comprehensive property information. A successful viewing is achieved through dedication, sensitivity, and a focus on the potential buyer’s needs. We provide valuable feedback after each viewing to improve your property’s presentation if necessary.

Receiving Offers and Reservation

As offers begin rolling in, your property’s sale inches closer. Your real estate agent will promptly communicate all offers to you, allowing you the final say. Once a purchase price is agreed upon, a reservation fee secures the property, marking an exciting milestone.

Purchase Contract

Approximately 14 days after the reservation contract is signed and due diligence is complete, both the buyer and seller sign the purchase contract, transferring 10% of the agreed property price to the seller’s lawyer’s account. The contract also establishes a completion date.

Preparing for the Move

Moving out involves many considerations. Novam Estates Marbella offers access to a network of trusted local suppliers and services, providing practical assistance to ease your transition.

Completion and Handover

The final stage in your property sale journey involves meeting at the notary to finalize the remaining 90% of the purchase price. Once completed, the keys are handed to the new owner, and any outstanding documents and payments are settled with the assistance of Novam Estates Marbella.

Post-Sale Matters

After successfully selling your property, you’ll need to declare it. We can assist you in calculating your profit or loss by subtracting sales costs, renovation expenses, buying costs, and property improvements from the selling price.

Looking to Sell Your Property?

Considering Selling Your Property? We can guide you through the process and ensure the best value. Let's discuss how we can make your sale successful.

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At Novam Estates Marbella, we don’t just sell properties; we build relationships. When you partner with us, you’re gaining a committed team that’s dedicated to your real estate success. If you’re looking for a trusted real estate agency to elevate your property transactions and achieve your real estate goals, we’re here for you. Let’s embark on this journey together.